Social Media.

A big technological phenomenon reaching billions of people from across the globe. In the 21stCentury there was an unexpected rise in the number of internet communities which without a doubt, shows how people are eager to socialize, share content and work with one another regardless of the distance and time between them (Gündüz, 2017).

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Via the numerous social media platforms that have increased throughout the years, users have come together and are included in the communication and interaction processes (Gündüz, 2017). According to Bumela (2012), the pragmatic concept called sociability, emphasized that our social identity is more likely…

In recent years, one of the most oppressing issue regarding social media, privacy and identities are fake profiles and stolen identities.

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Whilst many users provide partially fake profiles with data that is not entirely true, some create profiles which do not even represent an existing person. Such profiles are widely used for malicious attacks on users’ privacy and even for surveillance purposes (Krombholz et al., 2012).

Information entered in any site on the internet is not safe and users can become a victim of identity theft. …

The internet Age.

The age that we live in where the internet rules our lives and dictates our movements. The internet does not only take so much of our precious time from our lives but also invades our privacy in ways in which we are not even aware of. The internet age enables faster and greater access to users’ information due to more sophisticated online tools and new technological devices for exploitation. In general, users’ privacy has reached a point where it must be directed (Confer, 2017).

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According to Helen Nissenbaum (2010), privacy is a complex and messy subject, and…

Nothing we do really goes unseen.

From the way we speak, act, move around and how we go about our day is monitored and documented. What about Data Protection and the right for privacy? Do we have a say in all of this? Is the government really watching and listening to us?

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These are all oppressing questions that most citizens from across the world are concerned about and question how much of their private life is really private. State surveillance isn’t a topic that is unheard of, yet few people actually address it head on, especially authorities such as the…

“The future is private”.

The four famous words declared by Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Facebook at a conference viewed by billions of people from all over the globe. But in reality, how private is our future?

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There has been loads of speculation throughout the years on whether our lives, both the online and the offline are being surveilled, tracked or manipulated. Although it has been denied by all companies and organisations, which the general digital user trusts in, some things just cannot be disregarded as accidental or coincidental and should be questioned.

New technologies and technological devices have proven…

Cherise Micallef

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